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SlideSet Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

The flush finish pocket door solution

Create fluidity between rooms with SlideSet; the flush finish pocket door system that allows the door to be completely hidden in the wall cavity when open, providing an uninterrupted view from one room to the next.

Order SlideSet

SlideSet Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

SlideSet™ Flush Finish Pocket Door System is available with Head Jamb or Full Height Detail.

The full height detail is designed to allow the underside of the track to be flush with the ceiling, providing a smooth continuous flow from room to room. Along with this, the SlideSet System offers a totally square set finish around the perimeter of the frame giving a seamless transition from room to room.

SlideSet has been designed to provide the absolute minimum of detail giving the ability to completely conceal the door and give the impression that the door does not exist when open, and complete privacy when closed, adding a contemporary and architectural dimension to any project.

Product Advantages

  • Door appears invisible when open
  • Provides privacy when closed
  • Hardware is concealed for a seamless look
  • Mounting plates allow for ‘lift-up’ installation
  • Available for standard size or custom doors
  • Stoppers with retention device installed
  • Inside track will retain door in position

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