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EzyPelmet Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

Bring in the outside world with EzyPelmet™

Adding a new dimension to the internal perimeter of square-set interiors, EzyPelmet makes window blinds disappear, cleverly conceals feature lighting and opens vast panoramas before your eyes. EzyPelmet offers a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or the building structure.

The two-piece, pre-finished steel construction of EzyPelmet makes installation simple, compared to traditional pelmet systems that require time consuming construction methods. 

Order EzyPelmet

EzyPelmet Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

Using a steel pelmet eliminates the risks involved with traditional pelmet systems made from MDF and plasterboard, which require a lengthy install process, additional fixings and extra finishing considerations when it comes to plastering and painting. 

Because EzyPelmet is made from cold rolled steel it maintains form and will not crack or distort over time. As with all other EZ Concept products, EzyPelmet is coated with ZF100 Zincanneal and paint ready to save on preparation time.

Product Advantages

  • Custom made to produce the optimal solution to suit the requirements of any size project
  • Can be painted in with the rest of the ceiling due to the pre-finished ready to paint surface
  • Quick and economic to install
  • Ideal for creating recessed features or concealing lighting
  • Maintains form, without cracking or distorting over time

Call the EZ Concept Team on 020 3488 9655


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