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EzyJamb New Single Rebate Frame Achieves FD30 Fire Rating

London, UK–The EzyJamb New Single Rebate Frame passed a 30 minute fire test to achieve the coveted FD 30 fire rating.

What does this mean? After months or details research and development, the EzyJamb Single rebate frame has passed 30 minutes fire test in the UK. This has been tested to BS476 FD30, meaning that it can now be installed in applications requiring fire rated door sets. 

Most new buildings and renovated buildings that are 3 storeys or more tall require that fire doors be installed on every habitable room off the stairwells. This makes the EzyJamb Single Rebate Frame with concealed door hinges the perfect choice for a vast range of applications such as large, high-end apartment projects and hotels.

For more specific details about these fire safety requirements, go to the BWF Certifire fire door safety site:

The system has been tested with a variety of hardware and options and sizes to allow good flexibility when in application.

EzyJamb is proud to include the Single Rebate Frame door with concealed door hinges in the family of FD 30 rated doors–Merging safety with the EzyJamb clean line and flush finish design.