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The Studco Story: The Evolution of a Global Leader

This is a story of success. It’s about a local carpenter who dared to venture out on his own and develop new and innovative building products for the construction industry. He was progressive. He was innovative. And he was creative, with bespoke solutions for architects, builders and developers. All of which propelled him and his team into the global market of the 21st century. 

The Early Years: The Carpenter Becomes The Entrepreneur

In 1976 Gordon Stevens, an experienced carpenter from Melbourne, Australia, launched a new venture called Specialized Ceiling Systems, focused on acoustic ceiling design and installation for the Australian commercial building market. As one of the first contractors to use a laser measure, Gordon’s flair for developing innovative thinking soon became highly sought after and Specialized Ceiling Systems was in high demand.

After a few successful years, Gordon embarked on a bold, new project manufacturing T-bar ceiling systems under his brand name, Duraclamp®. This venture quickly established itself in the Australian market for state-of-the-art ceiling systems, and in 1986 Duraclamp was sold to USG (United States Gypsum); giving way for a new opportunity, Studco Building Systems®.

Studco quickly found success in offering quality building systems and solutions to the Australian market and continued to grow from strength to strength over the years. As new products were introduced to the market, new roll forming mills were added to cope with volume demand, additional trucks were purchased to meet national distribution demands, and staff numbers continued to increase to service the growing list of satisfied Studco customers. 

The Global Network: From Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand to the UK

With a growing global presence across the North American and Australasian markets, Studco began exporting to key distributors in the UK nearly 10 years ago, identifying the UK and EU markets as its next major area of opportunity in our global strategic expansion plans.

Studco established an office in UK in October 2016 (in partnership with the Havwoods group), followed by an EZ Concept™ showroom (incorporated in the Havwoods showroom) in Clerkenwell London in March 2017. This will be followed by operations, manufacturing and assembly in 2018 to serve the UK, EU and Middle East regions.

Through all the changes over the last 30 years, there’s one thing that will always remain the same. The Studco culture: staying true to our core values of collaboration, inclusivity and commitment. Just what you’d expect from a local, hands-on family business.