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AccessDor Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

Smooth transitions from wall to access panel

Available as standard or bespoke solutions, AccessDor Access Panels are flush finished to the wall, with only a 3mm reveal between the door and wall and a discrete cam latch to inconspicuously blend into its surroundings. Hide the appearance of access panels by specifying AccessDor in your next project.

Order AccessDor Access Panels

AccessDor Red EZ GL IM IC NA NOV17 JD

Product Advantages of AccessDor™:

  • Flush finished to discretely blend into the wall face
  • Various latch options to suit your security requirements; including screwdriver cam latch, key operated cam latch, touch latch or deadbolt lock for maximum security.
  • Custom solution available to fit the needs of your project

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